Future Glasgow will deliver a new city vision, looking forward 50 years to the city we would like Glasgow to be. It is a statement of the city's values and priorities, and will guide public policy and investment in the city in the years to come. Once finalised, the Council will work with partners and stakeholders across the city to develop an action plan for delivery.


The draft vision was produced following a three month public engagement programme and series of technical inquiries into issues, trends and other factors likely to affect cities in the future. The public consultation provided the opportunity for all citizens, businesses and organisations in Glasgow to express their thoughts on the draft proposals for the future of the city over the next 50 years.


The consultation closed on Friday 10 February and was the last stage in the creation of the final Future Glasgow vision document which will be published in the Spring having considered all comments received.






Here's a taste of the kind of city that people have said Glasgow should be in 2061:


"Every child leaves school and can get a job, and is educated to the highest standard. There will be very little crime and no domestic violence. Glasgow will still be the beautiful city it is now."


"We know how to enjoy ourselves and laugh without offending or taking offence, and with respect to our neighbourhood members."


"We have great employment opportunities for all. We are the healthy and not the 'sick man' of Europe."


"Sectarianism has been abolished."


"People have equal life chances and lifespan expectations are far less unequal in different parts of the city."


"It's all very green - beautiful buildings and a great history."





The Future Glasgow team engaged with a wide range of people across the city to find out what they want their Future Glasgow to be like in 2061. As it can be hard to look this far into the future, participants were encouraged to look back 50 years. Here are a sample of photos in and around Glasgow from the 1960s: